A well renowned and exclusive destination ever since the mid 19th century, where the charm of Princess Sissi is relived each year with special events and alluring manifestations.
Discover the dual spirit of Madonna di Campiglio: proudly linked to its sumptuous past on the one hand but at the same time striving towards a brilliant future and becoming a destination of international appeal.

Green and fertile alpine meadows, pastures carpeted in colourful flowers, deep blue mountain lakes, majestic peaks and so much more. The Dolomites present themselves in such a fascinating and assorted way to the lovers of the great outdoors. Well indicated trails will guide you through meadows, woods and mountain pastures, almost urging you to undertake more extensive yet pleasurable excursions in and around the Brenta Dolomites.

You will enjoy beautiful vistas across the surrounding Alps and  take pleasure from treks high up in the mountains, following the via ferratas or maybe taking on some of the many splendid climbs. During the winter, other than skiing, you can have fun dog-sledding, challenging yourself with mountain excursions or maybe by simply doing some shopping in the elegant boutiques in the centre of town.

A holiday among the Brenta Dolomites at our Hotel and Wellness Centre in Madonna di Campiglio will offer you all of these adventures in abundance.

  1. Dolomiti patrimonio dell'umanità
    Le Dolomiti sono ufficialmente inserite nella lista del Patrimonio Universale dell’Umanità Unesco.

    Il nostro hotel si trova a Madonna di Campiglio nelle Dolomiti di Brenta.
    Prenota la tua vacanza nelle Dolomiti!

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