Cloud Bath
This is an innovative technique of floating that allows for the complete relaxation of the body and mind.
You will feel your body let itself go and return to the prenatal phase and the delight of floating weightless in infinite space. In the warm relaxing waters old memories and emotions will come back to the surface; muscles uncramp, the spinal column is stretched and the invigorating water will help you get rid of the stress accumulated during everyday life.
Euro 30,00

Cloud bath with slimming thermal clays and pressure therapy
This treatment is suggested for those who present skin blemishes and localised impurities. It favours the elimination of toxins and stagnate liquids. It gives an immediate sense of lightness.
Euro 60,00
Cloud bath with body treatment
A beneficial body treatment, hydrating, nourishing, softening and revitalising.
Euro 45,00
VITAL bath
This is an innovative multifunctional bath tub with soothing soap and an invigorating shower.
You will be pampered by expert hands which will accompany you in a world of fragrances and pleasant sensations.
VITAL peeling scrub with invigorating massage
With lather and essences.
Euro 70,00
VITAL massage with chocolate extracts and shower
With products containing chocolate extracts.
Euro 70,00

  1. Dolomiti patrimonio dell'umanità
    Le Dolomiti sono ufficialmente inserite nella lista del Patrimonio Universale dell’Umanità Unesco.

    Il nostro hotel si trova a Madonna di Campiglio nelle Dolomiti di Brenta.
    Prenota la tua vacanza nelle Dolomiti!

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